Quality & Patient Safety

The 7501PED

This wristband comes with many great features which make it ideal for use in the pediatric area of a healthcare facility. Click on the image below to see a detailed sample of those features or download our literature for high resolution samples of all our products.

The Medirex 7501N/R Wristband with 18 Labels

What the 7501PED has to say!

This product has the same wristband technology as the 7501X but with a smaller wristband for children’s wrists. The material is comfortable for tender skin.

This Product offers:

  1. 20 2.5" x 1" labels for use on charts, test vials, etc.
  2. Easy 3-Step Waterproofing Process
  3. Tamper Evident (ideal for patient safety)
  4. Available in Allergy Alert
  5. Punch holes for convenient insertion into the chart

Custom wristband/label solutions are available. Email us for more information regarding custom orders. Software tools are also available to provide custon output, including Barcodes and Photo ID.